Illinois Citizens for Health Freedom
Currently under the umbrella of the National Health Freedom Action, A Non-profit Organization
ICFHF in process to become a 501c(4)  Not-for-Profit Organization

Who We Are

Illinois Citizen's for Health Freedom was formed June, 2012 when a group of complimentary health care professionals came together whose common purpose is to insure the freedom of open exchange of information, therapies, and healing traditions between people without unnecessary regulation by government .

We came together initially to discuss Illinois Senate Bill 2936, a Bill originally brought about by an organization to continue the exclusive licensure of a particular group of practitioners and silence those practitioners who did not obtain the same type of training as the exclusive group, such as; the silencing of many complementary and alternative health care practitioners in Illinois who practice their vocations of helping others with their health decisions by incorporating healthier lifestyles choices and/or providing alternative health care therapies and modalities Since the Bill was about to reinstate the restrictive law that had already been on the books for twenty years instead of letting the law  "Sunset" January 1, 2013, we opposed the Bill, but in the end it passed and the restrictive law was continued for another 10 years. Before it passed the Bill was amended  to protect a small group of qualified nutritionists in their practices, which was a start in expanding our freedoms. But at that point we decided to take action and pass a law that would protect access to all complementary and alternative health care practitioners so that Illinois Citizens could exercise their freedom to choose an alternative path. We decided to create the "Safe Harbor Act" , which protects complementary and alternative health care practitioners from those who wish to create a monopoly and protect their rights to practice so that they are able to practice without retribution; a Bill of our type has been passed in many other states. We are in the process of submitting to Illinois Legislators so those who have dedicated their lives to helping others may continue to do so.

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